Selling Property in Lanzarote

The Complete Guide To Selling Property in Lanzarote




Essential Guide To Selling Your Propertyselling property in lanzarote with Clarity lanzarote


When selling property we will take on the responsibility of managing the marketing and paperwork to ensure correct order and that any issues are resolved prior to engaging other parties, the point being to eliminate any unnecessary doubts of potential purchasers.


Firstly we will visit your property to discuss the marketing strategy, take photos and measurements.  We will consider the expected sales price and estimate your deductions.


Step-by-Step Guide,Selling property in Lanzarote


  • We must arrange you a valid energy performance certificate, if you do not already have one. This is in line with the EU directive which came into force in 2013.
  • We must prove that the property is being sold with all its payments, taxes, and contributions up to date. In general terms this means the rubbish and rates, community, water and electricity.
  • If the property is mortgaged, the purchasers may have the opportunity to take over your mortgage, if not it will be cancelled upon the sale completion.
  • If the property is embargoed or repossession proceedings have been initiated we need to study your case and discuss your options.
  • It is also recommended that we order a certificate from your local town hall to certify that in the last 4 years no urbanistic complaint files have been opened on your property and that no relating fines or orders have been issued.
  • We should also ascertain how old the electrical installation is.
  • Your lawyer will perform the property and title searches to verify that you as the vendor have your paperwork in order, submitting and ordering supplementary paperwork if necessary.
  • After viewings we will pass on any constructive feedback we have received. Properties are usually sold as seen.  We will create an inventory of the furnishings included.
  • Once you have accepted an offer, your lawyer will confirm your deduction values, draft the pre-sales contract and secure the deposit. Deductions are usually plusvalia, estate agency commission, and if you are a non-resident there is a 3% retention.
  • Clarity Consulting will co-ordinate the sale completion with the notary.
  • The final stage will be when your lawyer and the sworn translator accompany you to the notary to formally complete the sale.


After the property title has been transferred before the notary, we will ensure that the utility contracts and the files in the town hall are changed to the new owners name and any corresponding payments are set up as direct debits from their account.


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