Health Care in Lanzarote

Health Care in Lanzarote


Health Care in Lanzarote on a whole is excellent. Whilst there is a private medical system here, the state provided Health service is fine.

       Normally you would use Farmacias (Pharmacies) as the first port of call, then the Centros de Salud (Doctor’s surgeries) and the thirdly the Hospital General (General Hospital), very similar to the UK and other EU countries.

Doctors Appointments

Once you have registered with your local doctor, to make an appointment it’s best to call the central service on 012, they will take your date of birth and surname and then give you a time to visit the local surgery.


European Health Cards

Upon moving to Lanzarote to work and live, you are entitled to the Spanish equivalent of the EHIC. Which is the Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea (TSE) which will cover your health care services whilst travelling in Europe.



Health Care after Brexit

Here are some helpful links to help British nationals after 2021. 





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