Property Laws in Lanzarote

Property Laws in LanzaroteClarity Consultings Legal Services


Most of us dream of owning a holiday home or relocating to the sunshine.  When thinking about making such important decisions. It is paramount to engage the legal services of a professional lawyer to look after your interests.  We combine the efforts of British staff and Spanish lawyers to bring you the best service.

Firstly you will need information and advice regarding freehold, bare title and life usage options, your fiscal and tax obligations, and the eventual inheritance taxes.

For any new purchases, legal searches must be performed to obtain the truth about the property, to verify the property is correctly registered. To ascertain that the vender really has the correct legal capacity to sell, and to uncover any charges. Mortgages and embargoes that may be affecting the property.

Contracts must be drafted and revised in a manner which lay out the terms and conditions for the purchase whilst protecting your legal and financial interests to avoid you incurring costs which should be paid by the other party.

Your lawyer and sworn translator would assist you at the notary or represent you by means of a power of attorney for the purchase completion.

Our legal services also include the contracting or change of name on the water and electric meters.  Likewise we arrange the communication of the new ownership to the community administrator and local council. Setting up the corresponding monthly and yearly bills as direct-debits.

Other property transactions including donations, dissolving co-ownerships, acceptance of inheritance, transfer to a company name etc, need the practiced research, attention to detail, planning and co-ordination that is best managed by our legal professionals.


Please note that from January 2021. Due to Brexit British nationals will be categorised as non European’s so conditions will be different from int info above.


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