Moving to Lanzarote




Moving to Lanzarote  


Moving to Lanzarote / Thinking of relocating?

Thinking of Moving to Lanzarote. Ever Wondered how many other people have thought about or have actually moved abroad. Its around 200 British citizens a day leave the  UK each year. Eu figures show that migration from the UK was around 122,000 from  2016 to March 2017, and an estimated 85,000 + emigrated in 2015 – 2016. Wow! and that is just from the UK. If you would like to know more on Migration / Immigration figures: more here.

And migration statistics show that in the year ending September 2015, net migration to the UK was 323,000. more here.

They don’t all come to Lanzarote of coarse. But if you’re thinking of moving to Lanzarote. You’re not alone there are quite a few people all with the same idea. So you have come to the place for all the help and assistance you’ll ever need. To make the transition cleanly and smoothly.


Why Lanzarote? 

This small island in the Atlantic already boasts a cosmopolitan population with around 150,000 residents hailing from a country other than Spain. So what makes moving to Lanzarote a popular choice for those seeking a new life abroad.

One of the key factors is of course climate. The Canary Islands offer sunshine all year round and Lanzarote boasts a low level of rainfall, making it possible to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round. Contrast this with the UK, where most people are stuck indoors for most months of the year and you quickly realize it’s no contest.
The wonderful weather not only enables people to enjoy a better quality of life but also helps to keep the living costs down too. As heating bills are largely non-existent, dependent on location. Essentials such as petrol and food are also less expensive. Whilst eating out is extremely affordable. It is much easier to have a positive outlook on life when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

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Moving to LanzaroteMoving to Lanzarote

Things you need to know when moving to Lanzarote. When you visit somewhere on holiday just remember that you are on holiday! So when it comes to living and working in that same holiday destination things change.      

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Working in Lanzarote.

All EU Citizens have the right to work in Lanzarote with full working rights equivalent to that of his Spanish counterpart. In order to work in Lanzarote legally the first thing you must do is register with the social security system and obtain a social security number which you also need for any medical matters.                                                  

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Health Service.

Health Care in Lanzarote on a whole is excellent. Whilst there is a private medical system here, the state provided Health service is fine.       

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Identification number (NIE)

NIE stands for “Número de Identidad de Extranjero”, which translates to Foreigners Identity Number.  All persons and companies operating in Spain must have an identification number.  

This will be your personal number for all Spanish territory and will never change.                 

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